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Laurie & Lorraine Turtle


(02) 4573 1559



PO Box 144

Kurrajong, NSW 2758

Main Areas of Expertise

NSW BDM and State Records Research

A Bit About Us

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Laurie and Lorraine are passionate about family history. Together, they have years of experience, researching both their own family stories and the family stories of other clients.  They have also addressed conferences, family history groups and other family history forums on a variety of genealogical topics.

Laurie is a First Fleeter, with connections to Australia's seafaring and convict past. His family roots go back to England, Scotland and Ireland. 

Lorraine has an equally interesting genealogy with her family being amongst the earliest Jewish settlers to come to Tasmania and New South Wales.  Her roots go back to England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and Prussia (now Poland).

Laurie holds a Diploma of Family History and has completed the Archives Course at NSW Sate Records. Lorraine has run courses in family history through U3A. Both were teachers in "former lives" and hold qualifications in those fields as well. Both are available to assist you with your family history journey by providing records and advice to verify your research. They are only too happy to talk to you by phone or email, so don't hesitate to contact us.

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