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What are Transcripts?

Transcripts are a typed copy of an original birth, death or marriage record held by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. They contain all the information contained in the original register. They also often contain suggestions for other areas of research and include notations found in the margin. Although transcripts cannot be used for legal purposes, they are very useful tools for family history research. A transcript is a much cheaper alternative to an official certificate at Births, Deaths and Marriages. They also have the advantage of personalized service where you can ask follow-up questions with Laurie.

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Transcripts @ Turtle Consolidated Services

Laurie has been an accredited transcription agent for over twenty years and types up the record in an easy-to-read format. He often includes suggestions for further research at the bottom of the transcript. 

Birth Transcriptions

The information provided to NSW Births Deaths and Marriages on the birth of a child. Details include the date & place of birth, parents details, informant and witnesses. To see an sample birth transcript click below:

Death Transcriptions

The information provided to NSW Births Deaths and Marriages registry outlining the death of a person. These are the most detailed of BDM records, but are only as good as the information provided by the informant.  They can include such things as the date & place of death, the cause of death, parents, marriage & spouse information,  children, burial details & the informant. For a sample transcript click below:

Marriage Transcritpions

The information provided  to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriage registry outlines the date & place of the marriage, occupations, the witnesses & the celebrant. They can also give ages, birthplaces and parent details. Some records between 1856 and 1896 do not have all fields entered, but they can often be amplified by looking at the original church record. For a sample transcript click below:

Early Church Transcriptions

Prior to 1856, there was no civil registration in NSW. Individual churches maintained the records for baptisms, marriages and burials. Turtle Consolidated Services provides three types of church transcriptions:

  • Early Church Birth/Baptism Transcripts

  • Early Church Burial Transcripts

  • Early Church Marriage Transcripts

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