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Birth Deaths & Marriages Transcription Service

Laurie is an accredited transcription agent for NSW Births Deaths and Marriages. He can access any birth, death or marriage record which is in the "open" period. Turtle Consolidated Services provides a range of options, including:

  • Full Birth, Deaths & Marriages Transcripts

  • Partial Birth, Deaths & Marriages Transcripts

  • Single Field Transcripts

  • Check & Verify Transcripts

  • Early Church Record Transcripts


The current rules for accessing BDM records change daily:

  • Deaths are closed for 30 years

  • Marriages are closed for 50 years

  • Births are closed for 100 years

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Prices of Transcriptions

Full Transcript


Partial Transcript


Single Field Transcript


Check & Verify Transcript


Early Church Record Transcript


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What Information Do I Need To Provide?

There are just a few simple details that we need to locate the BDM record that you are ordering. These include:

  • The type of event (B, D or M)

  • The name

  • The year

  • Registration number which can be found on the free on-line indexes

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